New Mobile Version

We are pleased to announce the release of Android version 2.3, and iOS version 2.4. In the IOS version we made several improvements in the UI. Especially for devices with a notch, e.g., iPhone 11, 12, and 13. But, more importantly, starting with this version the iSales app is absolutely free!

The iSales app was always a free of charge app. Any user could download it from the App Store or Google Play store, and start using it. But, if you have a business, then there was a limit on the number of sales / images (only iOS) that you could post for your business. In particular, you could post 5 sales and images. If you wanted to post more sales, you would have to purchase a package that would allow you to post 5 more sales.

Starting with version 2.3 (for Android), and 2.4 (for iOS), the iSales app no longer has this limit. Thus, you are free to post as many sales you like (and upload as many images you like ) for your business

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