iSales requires access to the Internet (WiFi or 4G). Once the app starts, the GPS device is enabled and it tries to find your location. Upon success, iSales connects to our server and downloads all the businesses and sales that are available in your country.

There are two ways to see these data:

  1. On a map, where you see all the available businesses
  2. In a list, where you see all the available businesses / sales grouped by category

If you select a category from that list you will see the businesses for that category on the map. You may click on the pin(s) on the map to see a few information about that business.

On the iOS version, iSales will download all available businesses / sales for your country when you shake (really hard) the device. On the Android version, the list of businesses/sales is refreshed when you put the app in the background and then back in the foreground.